Wire Maven

I found Jan in desperate times.

When this little business was started we were buying the already assembled frames and wrapping them with cotton yarn in house. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances they could no longer provide us with the frames and we were forced to take matters into our own hands.

Straight away I invested in a welding machine. This is where Jan comes in because I didn't know how to weld!

Lucky for me he was looking for some extra work!

Dorothy Manzie

Wrapping Maven

Dorothy is our ever so loved domestic worker. She has been with us for years!

There was one time when I was quite pressed for time with an order and urgently needed some assistance with the wrapping of the lampshades. Dorothy eagerly offered to learn and to be honest I had no other choice at the time. Needless to say, she did an outstanding job and is still the number one lampshade wrapper!

Tanika Botha


I like to refer to myself as the circus ringmaster. I am the one juggling all the different parts of the business, from finances and marketing to employee management and customer service.

And just like a ringmaster, I'm constantly trying to keep all the plates spinning without dropping any!

I have always had a deep passion for creativity and the art of crafting. Pursuing my love for design, I enrolled in the prestigious Fedisa fashion design program in Cape Town. This educational journey has been instrumental in honing my skills and expanding my knowledge in the field of design